Neovim linting & formatting

After changing my config to use the Neovim LSP, my old formatting and linting setup with Ale didn't make sense to keep, so I've been relying on the LSPs and missing the linters and formatters.

It turns out there are some new Neovim specific plugins now.

Conform - Lightweight yet powerful formatter plugin for Neovim

Nvim-lint - An asynchronous linter plugin for Neovim complementary to the built-in Language Server Protocol support.

Configure Linting, Formatting, and Autocompletion in Neovim and How To Setup Linting & Formatting In Neovim And Replace null-ls where both helpful in getting things working.

If you have a linter that is also an LSP, just use the LSP version.

StandardRB was timing out for me, so I needed to up the timeout_ms setting.

I'm much happier having these tools set up again!

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