Finds from the week of March 24, 2024

Sign1 Malware is a WordPress malware that avoid detection by check the referrer of the visitor. It also seems to be spread mostly by brute-force password compromises.

Want to save a web page, but hate all other other files you need with it? Monolith fixes that by in-lining everything. Doesn't handle JavaScript loaded pages, but there is a work around in the Readme.

Would be cool to combine Monolith with Obsidian Web Clipper, at least for images. Still helpful for saving web page info to Obsidian. Also found Bookmarklet Maker for making, well bookmarklets.

Another list of Ruby gems from Test Double. Debugbar looks cool, as well as some of the SQL formatters for easy to read logs.

The Boron Letters from Gary Halbert are highly recommended reading. Here's a list to each letter for easy reading.

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