Rails SEO, Proofreader, & Finds

Rails SEO, Proofreader, & Finds

Posted Adding Sitepress to Rails which looks at using Sitepress (A static site generator built to be used with Rails) to add content and improve SEO on a Rails application.

The above was part of a bunch of updates to Proofreader.io over the last week or so. One my favorite updates was adding Core Web Vitals to reports. Try it out!


Good break down and history of the XZ backdoor. A crazy long game for creating a backdoor in SSH.

Everything I know about the XZ backdoor
Please note: This is being updated in real-time. The intent is to make sense of lots of simultaneous discoveries

I've used command line history a bit, but this brings it fully into my workflow. Had to update my FZF application, which was really out of date 😬.

Shell History Is Your Best Productivity Tool
<p> If you work in shell/terminal often enough, then over time the history will become your personal knowledge vault, documentation and command reference.…

Lots of good resources for Indie Hacking, the good kind, not like above 😄.

My top resources that guide me as a beginner indie hacker
It took me 4 long years to launch a product. As someone starting out, indie hacking felt like wandering without a map, leaving me second-guessing every…

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